Franz Sigel

Major General Franz Sigel

Sigel on the occassion of the dedication of the flag for the 3rd Missouri (Lyon's Fahnenwacht), of which he was colonel:
"When I was coming to this country, a foreigner and stranger, I did not imagine that in so short a time the people of this great republic- the last refuge of liberty... for free men of Europe- would so soon be divided by this most unfortunate evil war[, and] that millions of men... would rise against each other and spoil with their blood the sacred soil of their common country. But when I saw that the same great principles to whose [defence] I had devoted my life, were at stake here, I did not hesitate to embrace the cause of the Union with all the power of my soul and I am proud to say, that I did it with all the great zeal and good will of a man and a citizen... I am responsible for those who have fallen under my eyes for the maintenance of the Union... I will take that emlem of friendship with sympathy into the field and celebrate your remembrance with my friends and comrades in battle."

The best source on the life and career of Franz Sigel is:
Engle, Stephen D. Yankee Dutchman: The Life of Franz Sigel (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1993)