German Music

German Music

As a Civil War Re-enactor, it seems that I am always hearing Irish songs being sung around the campfires. I love hearing, singing and playing these Celtic tunes, so "Faugh A Ballaugh", and bully for them! But I'd love to hear some German songs being sung.

In the past it has been hard to find the words and music to many songs, so I thought that I would include some of the most appropriate ones here. (This section is really the inspiration for the entire website.)

The next set of songs are really not German songs. They are comic songs written about German soldiers. I include them here because they reflect what much of the rest of the country thought of the Germans. I have a feeling that more than a few Germans were able to laugh at the portrayal of themselves in these songs.
  • I Goes to Fight Mit Sigel
  • Corporal Schnapps
The following songs are samples of particular genres of popular German songs:

These are also some very good collections of German lieder (songs) that I recommend:

  • The Leader in Lieder Mit Midi Melodies This site is maintained by Frank Petersohn. The site claims to have over 4000 Volkslieder (German Folksongs). It is certainly the most complete source for German folk music on the Web and is constantly growing.